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The ACLU has evolved over the years. What began as a small group of idealists taking a stand againt the government in 1920 has grown into the nation’s premier defender of the rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. With more than 500,000 members, nearly 200 staff attorneys, thousands of volunteer attorneys, and offices throughout the nation, the ACLU of today continues to fight government abuse and to vigorously defend individual freedoms including speech and religion, a woman’s right to choose, the right to due process, citizens’ rights to privacy and much more.

The ACLU also remains a champion of segments of the population who have traditionally been denied their rights, with much of our work today focused on equality for people of color, women, gay and transgender people, prisoners, immigrants, and people with disabilities.


  1. Final ‘Pregnant Workers Fairness Act’ Regulations Were Released—And It’s Great News for Women
    Source: Published on 2024-04-19 By Gillian Thomas
  2. The Government Denies People Access to Asylum Because of Language Barriers. We're Fighting Back.
    Source: Published on 2024-04-18 By My Khanh Ngo
  3. Our New 4/20 Merch and Ongoing Fight for Legalization
    Source: Published on 2024-04-15 By Kia Winter
  4. One Year Later, Hope for Humanity in Arizona Prisons
    Source: Published on 2024-04-08 By Maria Morris
  5. The CIA's Long and Dangerous History of Refusing to Answer Absurdly Obvious Questions
    Source: Published on 2024-04-08 By Sara Robinson
  6. The Supreme Court Will Soon Determine Whether Cities Can Punish People for Sleeping in Public When They Have Nowhere Else to Go
    Source: Published on 2024-04-05 By Katie Hoeppner
  7. Quiz: State Legislation and the Part You Play
    Source: Published on 2024-03-28 By ACLU
  8. How We're Fighting for Gender Equity Nationwide
    Source: Published on 2024-03-27 By ACLU
  9. State Legislative Sessions: How They Impact Your Rights
    Source: Published on 2024-03-19 By Johanna Silver
  10. Why is the ACLU Representing the NRA Before the US Supreme Court?
    Source: Published on 2024-03-18 By Anthony D. Romero
  11. Fighting Back Against Discriminatory Laws That Impact People Living with HIV
    Source: Published on 2024-03-15 By Michelle Anderson
  12. Why Allowing Chaplains in Public Schools Harms Students
    Source: Published on 2024-03-15 By Heather L. Weaver
  13. "We Do No Such Thing": What the 303 Creative Decision Means and Doesn't Mean for Anti-Discrimination and Public Accommodation Laws
    Source: Published on 2024-03-14 By David Cole
  14. The Importance of Defending the Free Speech Rights of Pro-Palestinian Students in Florida
    Source: Published on 2024-01-24 By Hina Shamsi
  15. Alabama Plans To Execute A Man With Nitrogen Gas Despite Jury’s Life Verdict
    Source: Published on 2024-01-19 By Alison Mollman