Compassionate Change

From Loreena McKennitt

“It appears we are living at a time of great change and uncertainty and like these dark days, sometimes it is difficult to see where we are going. And yet, I am reminded that there is still much beauty and richness to be experienced in the simple things around us, the natural world and the relationships we can experience in everyday life. And that I must not take them for granted or assume they will always be there just because they have been there before.

Too, I take some of my inspiration from souls much wiser than I, who encourage us to look out into the horizon of time and seek to serve the common good .They remind us that happiness does not come with serving just ourselves, but rather being of service to others, to seek balance and by doing so, our lives can be rich with meaning and harmony. This takes a lot of work in a busy and complex life, and so these voices nudge us to seek simpler lives, to sort out our wants from our needs and to consume and demand less of this earth, which is groaning from centuries of our over-consumption.

In difficult times, it often feels like the challenges before us are simply too big or overwhelming to respond to. And yet those wise voices, tell us that we can and must take steps to change even if it is small steps. There are times to be silent and there are times to move. I am convinced more than ever, now is the time we all must take our steps, even if they are small. As the saying goes “Although we cannot always be the boss, we can always lead.” These times demand that of us.

Our inter-relatedness demands this of us if we are to serve each other and the common good for now and in the future.”

Winter Solstice 2017

In my prayers and meditation I always include the words, "for the highest good of all concerned." I am not wise enough to always know what they means. However including that phrase helps me acknowledge both my limitations and my commitments to others in my circles of influence.

I am continuously looking to partner with and support people who recognize how interrelated and interdependent we all are. Yes, I will continue to post and share information about that which I feel is broken and needs healing in our country and planet. I am also committed to sharing those who support the Common Good.

I wrote some weeks ago if anyone was interested in finding and supporting candidates for public office, whether elected or appointed, who were committed to the Common Good. Lots of my friends said "yes" to this idea. I do not know whether there is any political reality to this in our current money-based system. Yet I know movements grow in response to what we perceive needs to change. My heart urges me to continue.

I invite my friends, in addition to your political posts, to search and find and share anything you can about those people in public or private life who understand and are committed to the Common Good.

Recently, I saw a video of a Disney heiress who spoke about the recent tax law change. She spoke of the Common Good.

And please read the quote from an email I received today from one of my favorite singers, Loreena McKennitt.

Who knows what impact continuously sharing messages of compassion, kindness and service will have? At a minimum it is a counter balance to the selfishness and lack of compassion we see each day in the news. I am beginning to work on a website which will have links to these messages, stories and organizations. Stay tuned.

Blessings on this Winter Solstice and the Return of the Light.