This page contains links to commentary and projects for progressive action.

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Global Nonviolent Action Database
To provide free access to information about hundreds of cases of nonviolent action for learning and for citizen action... drawn from all continents and most countries. People are shown struggling for human rights, economic justice, democracy, national and ethnic identity, environmental sustainability, and peace.
Global Nonviolent Action DatabaseSwarthmore College

5/5/2022Non-Violent Action,human rights, economic justice, democracy, national and ethnic identity, environmental sustainability,peace.
Definitions for the Revolution
The following definitions were compiled by COR members, borrowing lists developed by the Challenging White Supremacy Workshop and the Women of Color Resource Center.
Colours of ResistanceColours of Resistance Archive

The Colours of Resistance Archive is a collection of analysis and tools for liberatory organizing and movement-building.

8/4/2020Anti-Racism, #BlackLivesMatter, White Supremacy
Community Tool Box
The Community Tool Box provides resources and tools to help people work together to build healthier communities.
Community Tool BoxCommunity Toolbox


8/4/2020Activism, Community, Tools, Resources
Reimagine Oregon
A group of Black-led organizations, Black individual activists and protest organizers came together and asked the question - what demands do we want to make and of whom? The conclusion was simple:

“We don’t need to make any new demands. There are pages and pages already crafted, already proposed, and already being discussed. The problem is, these elected leaders haven’t enacted them.”
Reimagine OregonOregon Activism

Dismantling systemic racism must happen in our lifetimes. Systemic racism is a virus that has plagued America from its very first days. While it took 400 years - or over 20,000 weeks - to get to this point, we believe that Oregon is capable of starting this important work. Our children do not have to inherit the social ills we’ve been born into.

8/4/2020Activism, Community, Tools, Resources